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Do you have good girlfriends?

If the answer to that question is yes, that is great! If the answer to that question is no, I want to challenge you to be a good friend and find your local girl gang. A long time ago, I was that girl who would be quick to shout “I don’t do the female friends thing because women are messy". However, as I grow into my own womanhood I have learned that it is vital to have a good group of women outside of the family to be on this journey called life with you. I really don’t remember why I began dismissing friendships with women. I just remember my high school days really changed my perspective on good girlfriends. In high school, females begin to become really petty. I didn’t know how to be a good friend and the girls in my friend circle were switching up too.

In college, my then best friend and I had a huge disagreement that ended our friendship. It was crazy because now that I write this, I don’t really remember what actually happened. I just know that communication could have changed a lot of it, but I was too petty to communicate. I wish I knew what a heart check was back then because my heart was not in the right place. Thankfully, a lot has changed. Now, I have a solid girl squad and this just didn’t happen magically. Friendships take a lot of nurturing just like any relationship. Good girlfriends have had a profound impact on my life. I can call my girls at any time of the night for a prayer or a turn-up. We can talk about God, careers, social justice, hair, and music. The devil wants women to believe that we have to compete with each other for likes, men, jobs, and other things, but that is a lie! He wants to destroy your relationships with other women. Sis, we can’t let this happen!

There are so many other things in this world that we need to fight about, but we shouldn’t be fighting each other. Let’s fight these wage gaps instead. Let’s fight for the rights of women and children who have experienced violence. Let’s make moves to end child hunger. Let’s do something else instead of dismissing each other because of our own insecurities. We should be pulling each other up on this journey and encouraging our sisters along the way. Just last week, I was in our group chat with my girls discussing insecurities. After I sent a text disclosing my insecurities, my friends were sending words of encouragement, positive vibes, and positive affirmations. This is what friendship and sisterhood are all about. We should be encouraging, inspiring and loving on our friends. We should be an example for other young girls as well as an example to our future daughters. Now, let's start empowering one another because sis, we all need a tribe!

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