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I am a Licensed Master Social Worker/Therapist, trained and experienced in providing therapy to adolescents and adults working through, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, suicidality, and trauma. I also have experience in group therapy, assisting clients in drug and alcohol treatment programs and transitional housing in meeting their short and long-term goals to return to equilibrium and safety.


I believe that every treatment plan should be unique to the client's needs and concerns. Therefore, I use a collaborative approach when working with clients. I employ various therapeutic techniques, including a cognitive-behavioral or solution-focused approach, in addressing distressing thoughts, emotions, and behavior while identifying skills and strengths in helping clients reach their goals in life. 


I meet clients where they currently are in life while unpacking past and current events to discover their core beliefs, thought processes, decision-making skills, and perspective towards self and the world. I look forward to supporting you in your healing journey with compassion, patience, and understanding because it's not easy to unpack life's traumas, stressors, and unpleasant events. Still, I create a sacred space for you, giving room for healing.

Let's embark on your healing journey together! 

* Please note, I am only licensed to serve clients in the state of Maryland at this time.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me today to identify how I can better support you by clicking here! 

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