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Fear Not!

Somewhere along the line someone told you that you were not good enough or smart enough. That you simply didn’t have what it takes or maybe something was too hard for you to obtain. This has caused you to believe those negative thoughts as your truth. You began to second guess yourself and you stopped dreaming and thinking big and settled for a “safe” means of living and carrying on in this journey of life. Your actions have shown a comfort for rejection and an expectation of less than you deserve. Failing to realize how much those words have hurt you and have changed your life. You don’t even realize how much you procrastinate or how long you have been making those same lame excuses about why you aren’t where you want to be or why you haven’t started yet.

I want to let you know that God has never wanted “safe” for you! You were not made to be mediocre nor should you be. Your current state is absolutely where you should be, but it is not where you should stay!

Start today, this moment! Start back dreaming and get back to moving towards the life you were designed at birth to have. Stop comparing your blessings to others and start being grateful for what you do have and the things you have been through. I believe in you! I have faith in you, but that means absolutely nothing if you have no faith and desire in yourself. Find that drive again! Find that kid that saw no barriers to achieve their ultimate goals. Kids have the uncanny ability to only see a goal and nothing else. Kids see no barriers, no hurdles, no disadvantages just the goal and what the next step is.

Therefore, one fact will always remain, you only get one chance at this journey why spend it making excuses someone else implanted into you. Regardless if they are self inflicted or not get rid of those thoughts that are holding you back. Bless our friends and our family’s hearts, however, sometimes they project their fears onto us. Your newly regained persistence and consistency towards your new life will soon make them believers. Let me make this known we aren’t here to prove anyone wrong, but we are here to prove God right!

You are good enough! You are smart enough! You are worthy enough! The bottom line is the right or perfect time to start any dream is and will always be NOW!

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