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Dancing In The Rain

Yesterday I drowned in my own tears Internally beating myself up over what I felt I should have already accomplished by this year I felt my heart crumble over all the love lost Trusting potential over their current mental with no refund on what it cost My thoughts scrambled like eggs I needed to clear my head So I said my same prayer that I say before going to bed "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep," And as always He kept me as I drifted off to sleep

Today I came alive No tears, no fears, no worries to survive A sunny day turned mystic grey I went into the world to feel the rain on that day No umbrella, no shoes My head lifted up to the One who rules I smiled as He washed away the salt from my tears I smiled as He showered me with His love as He erased all of my fears "You are favored my child. You're not still here by mistake. Be patient. The plan I have for you will be great." As I danced in His confetti I thought of all the things He said to me Realizing nothing I had sacrificed had been in vain Understanding some lessons I had to learn through the pain Accepting that there is a purpose on my life Committing not to give up, so I will continue to fight I opened my heart and let His love dance through my soul Although I couldn't see His physical, I felt His spiritual hold I lifted my head up & sang "Thank You Lord!"

Tomorrow As long as I promise it to Him I believe it's promised to me

So I just want to say Thank You Lord

You've been my friend

You've been my comforter

You've been my provider

You've been my protector

As long as I promise my life to thee

I believe that Your love is promised to me

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