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She Is Me

Her first touch was inappropriate and her innocence was stripped away by an abuser.

Pretending not to care, trying to hide the pain she felt, so she allowed men to use her.

Her body was her temple, but it had been broken into and vandalized. Her flirty nature is what most saw on the outside, but few knew the true pain that rested behind her eyes.

Misjudged and misunderstood only God knew how she truly felt. The careless lifestyle and all the men, were all just her silent cry for help. No one knew how many nights she cried so ashamed of all the things she had done. Knowing she was so much more than her choices and worth more than just a hit and run. Many nights she cried out asking "God why me? What did I do?" Then she heard Him whisper in her ear, "My dear child just trust me! I'm going to use this very pain to heal you."

"Beauty for Ashes" became her motto once she realized it wasn't the end of her story. That the abuse, poor choices, and heartache would all be used for God's Glory. There were still beauty in her brokenness that the enemy didn't want her to see, feeding her guilt and lies so she wouldn't become all that God called her to be. By the grace of God she's better, stronger, and wiser now. I know some of you may not relate to this, but I sure can, because SHE IS ME!

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