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Minding Your Own Blessings

So you aren’t exactly where you think you should be huh? Not married or the CEO yet? You haven’t saved enough to make your first million or achieved the goals you wrote down on your vision board? We are all working towards goals in many areas, but why so stressed? Why are you bummed out on things that have not come to past yet? You’re stressed because you are very impatient. We live in a “microwave” society and everything has a time stamp or deadline on it and if it doesn’t add up to our intended end dates we become upset and disenfranchised. Success (whatever that means to you) has never been an overnight process and let us never believe that it ever was. Here are some tips to remove yourself from the INSTANT GRATIFICATION group and to lessen the stress you are putting on yourself:

1. Mind your own blessings– you have no idea how long or the amount of hours others have put into achieving their goals. Stop envying them and learn from them. Comparing yourself to others is a never ending battle and creates or enhances insecurities that will not build you up. You are not racing anyone, therefore, go at your own pace! As much as you are consumed with trying to be someone else, truth be told, there are people who wish they were you.

2. Nothing happens overnight– recently it has been rumored that Beats by Dr. Dre will sell for $3.2 billion. Yes, that would mean he would become a billionaire overnight, but that would be farthest from the truth. He started off as a DJ in 1984, which means he has had 30 years to perfect his craft into a billion dollar product. Have patience, work with urgency, but your breakthrough will come on its own time, not yours.

3. Delay not Failure– some of us have not found our way yet, our true passion, or that career that wakes us up in the morning. There is nothing to fret about, it’s just a simple delay. Some know very young their calling, but many do not have the same process, however, it does not mean you are failing or that you are a failure. Some assessment of skills and likes should help as well as finding a mentor to assist with finding that true path. Our biggest setbacks can be actions that propel us for bigger and better. Learn from your mistakes and make yourself better for the next event.

4. Re-Assess– do the research, ask your mentor, ask the people or read about them and figure out how long it really took them to get from Point A to Point B. Look at the current employment and business trends to see what could be coming up on the horizon. Look at your current situation and take an honest inventory of where you are. Do you need to go back to school, get that certification, or another skill? Be grateful for where you are and stop beating yourself up! Yes, you have work to do, but complaining has never worked. Complaining is a waste of time, a period of time that could be spent on actions that will help you move towards your goals.

Sometimes making the best of your current situation is what propels a better outcome. Therefore, stop putting extra pressure on yourself because the world will do enough of that gladly.

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