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Lord, Hear My Prayer!

Father God. I just admitted that my confidence level is not as high as it should be. I pray for the strength to be beautifully confident from within. My beauty speaks confidence on the outside, but I pray that my inside matches my outside. I want to be unapologetically confident. Allow my confidence to soar high like the cranes in the sky. I want people to see my confidence shine, but most of all I would like to see my confidence shine so bright that people can tell it's THE God in me. I'm tired of being scared to be me and questioning what's wrong with me?

You tell me that I'm perfectly made in Your image, but why can't I see myself the way that You do? I want to. I really do. I need to. I know once I see myself the way that you do then nothing can stop me! Whom shall I fear? What shall I fear? So this is my prayer to You, to help me see me. To help me love myself wholeheartedly the way that you do. I want to be an example for my daughter! Therefore, help me to love my fellow sisters the way that you do. Help me to love all and envy no one. For I know when I have the confidence and love for myself then I will be more like You. Help me Lord. Lift my spirits and let my confidence be so radiant that it impacts others.

In Jesus name,


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