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The Beauty of Self Love

It is imperative that you love yourself first rather than seeking love and validation from others. Self-love goes a long way with not only yourself but other people as well. When people notice how you treat yourself whether it may be keeping up with your physical features, staying spiritually strong, or handling every situation that comes your way with maturity and wisdom, they will treat you according to how you treat yourself. Self-love is your OWN validation! It shows that you love yourself so much that you won't let anyone or anything interfere with your happiness and your well-being. Dodging every negative vibe that comes your way.

There was a time where I didn't love myself which led to me making decisions and putting myself into situations that led me to cry out to the Lord to drag me out of. I didn't see myself the way God sees me. I carried myself in such a way that people could tell I had been hurt. I have been hurt by some drastic events that took place in my life or by people who I loved. It was not a pretty sight. I was depressed, in bummy gear all the time, I didn't go out, I smoked cigarettes, tried to stay intoxicated because I didn't want to face my own problems, and I almost wanted to quit school. If I would've done that I wouldn't have graduated. It took me to have a child to discover my journey to self love. I can actually say my daughter is the reason I pushed myself to get closer to God and to love myself. I wanted to be the woman she could look up to. I didn't want my daughter to go through my experiences to realize no one will love you like you and the Lord.

It's takes work and focus to develop the love for yourself that you need. It's best to start by reading the Bible and understanding God. Allow Him to heal you first and by doing so you will begin to improve spiritually. Spiritual improvement can create an immense amount of tranquility in your life.What do you gain by working on yourself spiritually? Peace, self-control, A DEEPER AND INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, discovery of yourself, joy, patience, self confidence and SELF-LOVE!

Until you love yourself to the fullest you will always search for love in other people or things. This goes for women looking for love in men and men looking for love in women. When you're not in love with yourself, you search for it elsewhere and this leads to toxic relationships, constant hurt, and eventually self-destruction. Learn to care for yourself first. So many people are choosing to settle in a relationship that they shouldn't be in because they don't know how to love themselves or because they're too comfortable. Settling in a relationship that's not meant to be is beneath you. Break the cycle. Stop settling and discover the love you need for yourself first!

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