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The Media Has Us Messed Up!

In the Winter of 2013 a new show aired. Everyone was talking about it, and as I laid on my couch, I was indeed intrigued by it. The star (who is by far one of my favorite actresses) reminded me a lot of myself. She was smart, witty, and well, looking for love. In the beginning of the pilot it seemed she had just that, but then we find out that her handsome beau is actually married. Can I be honest with you all? This was during a season that I was dating, and I met an amazing guy with the same career as mine, and I had recently found out he had been deceitful and was actually married. Hence this show was exactly what I needed; I mean surely it could provide some clarity for my situation. As I continued to watch the show I realized I started to miss him so much, and I pulled out my phone and shot him a quick text. He text back and said he missed me too and we needed to talk. In the show, the young lady too was able to reconnect with her married love interest and he explained to her he was unhappy, and in a bad situation, and he needed her. My mind immediately thought, maybe my guy has the same issues…..

I don’t intend for this post to be particularly biased, but when I mention the “us” in the title, I am referring to the African American female. It occurred to me recently as I watched the preview of a new show set to air (on the same network as the aforementioned) starring an African American female who in one of the clips appears to be sleeping with a student under her leadership. Then my mind begin to drift back to the Winter of 2013, and then on to another show with a high powered African American female who has multiple partners, then another where the lead has a male and female partner, and I find a trend. Can it be said that the media only portrays African American female leading, career driven, intelligent women, with inconsistent love lives and having multiple partners? Sadly these women engage in sex both casual and with consistent partners, and all of their love lives are complicated and confusing. Then in the end they still desire love and they continuously long for it. They have no problem feeding the sexual appetite, but have multiple issues finding a lasting relationship.

This concept deeply disturbed me because I realized I am not alone in my state I was in, in the Winter of 2013. There are other women who tune in weekly and watch these characters because they deem them relatable, and like me they are looking for direction in their lives. My prayer is that every one of these women have two or three praying friends and they see Jesus very soon. The Bible tells us that we are to be led by Jesus (Psalm 119:105). We should follow His teachings and look to Him for guidance, not characters on our favorite television shows. I am not knocking people for entertainment, but I am asking that you guard your heart and mind from the trickery of the enemy. It is his aim to make us believe that we are equivalent to others and that our actions, although unlike the Father, are okay just because ______________ from the show_______________ is doing the same thing.

Ladies remember, you can be a high powered female, make a great salary, be intelligent, but still you must love and serve the Lord with all of your heart and place nothing or no one before Him. Your life is real, your story is real, and so should your faith in God. Don’t become caught up in the media and what they say is okay for a woman to be doing. You are to live for God, and more than anything be in the world, but not of it!

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