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Daddy, Where Were You?

To escort me in the homecoming parade

To be on my brother's team when we played charades

To scare all the boys away

To make sure I was protected at the end of the day

Daddy where were you?

When mom was clapping at my awards ceremony

When my dance team took home the 1st place trophy

When I was cheerleading looking up in the stands

To find my dad not my friends

Daddy where were you?

Time to go to college, I was nervous to stay

Mom and I certainly have our work cut out for us today

No man to help drag my bags and boxes across the lot

Thank God for family and friends that helped out

Daddy where were you?

Growing into womanhood

Never had a dad to teach me about men

I let some stride my curves just to keep them near

So beautiful, so young, so dumb, no fear

Daddy where were you?

To teach me what love really is

How a man is supposed to treat me when I am his

Teach me how to value myself, so no man could steal my innocence

Daddy where were you?

I'm a woman now

Still looking for love like a child

Convinced myself that I don't need you to show me how

But reality is.... Daddy I needed you, I was looking for you, but you were no where to be found!

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