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Our Nation Is Crumbling Due To The Need Of A Humbling

Over the years I have been placed in positions to observe our future. I've been able to really pay attention, engage in conversations, and even listen to conversations that they don't know I hear. Through this time and observations...I find that there is a problem among us. Our young people lack humility. In comparison to about 10-15 years ago it was understood that nothing in this life would be handed to you. To become successful you will need to ask and work for what you desire and you shouldn't be thirsty about anything. If you're trusted with leadership you don't stoop to the level of your peers to satisfy them, but you respect boundaries and be open to correction concerning matters that are beyond you. Lastly, that a child is to remain in a child's place and most of all children should understand how to choose battles and not question everything. If our children continue to lack in humility we won't have a future. Many things the African American community has built will begin to crumble. Our HBCU's will suffer, our Divine Nine Sororities and Fraternities will suffer, our history as a people on the rise for greater will suffer, and our leadership will crumble.

What can we do?

When you see children out of place, correct them. Teach them the proper way to address people. Don't allow them to walk around as if they know it all when there are many things they don't know. I've seen so many young people, instead of focusing on their own situations they are willing to sacrifice it all for friends. I've seen young people cross boundaries because they desire to be Greek affiliated, but don't understand the process of those letters and the privileges of crossing! I've seen young people try to question an authority that is built to protect them but they can't even take the time to understand that before flying off the handle. It's so important that children calm down and try to enjoy being children because what they really don't realize though and what we must realize as well is that if we don't teach them, the world will, and they may not make it out as safely.

To the young people:

Nothing in this world is owed to you, and whatever you desire YOU must work for it. You've heard that before right? I'm sure. Then why do you continue to ask educators for bonus points or additional work or make-up work to get you from a "C" to a "B." Yes you've heard it before, but you somehow don't believe it applies to you. Well the truth is, it applies to everyone, especially you. When you've been trusted with leadership don't make those who granted you the position regret it. Always display leadership no matter who's around and I hate to break it you, but those friends who don't have the position you have don't care if you lose it or not. You're not perfect, so be open to correction, it's all for your growth and even though you may think're not above correction. College will come, organizations will come, but it won't come if you're not humble and understand your place in society. It's not guaranteed that you will gain affiliation with any organization or college you desire right away, but as long as you do right and do your part HUMBLY it will happen for you. Be patient, humble, and respectful.

Furthermore, we all have to do our part to protect our young people and ensure they enter the world as adults with a sound mind. We can't allow them to continue to walk around this way. Parents, educators, counselors, administration, communities, and mentors, we all have a part!

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