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Mirror Image: The Truth about Mental Health and the African American Woman!

It is indeed true what they say, that God gives the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers, but sometimes these soldiers, although tough can become a little too tough. They can convince themselves that they are so tough that they can fight this battle on their own, the way "they" figured it should be fought. They don't seek the help of God because logic has already told them that He would not approve. They don't talk to friends about it, because that would ruin their tough image. They don't seek professional help because, well God forbid anyone to find out that they are "crazy" right? This thought process among our strong African American women has ruined children, marriages, relationships, careers, education, and so many other things.

African American women unfortunately make up a huge population of people who grow up in single parent homes, sometimes both parents are absent and they must witness their mothers relentless search for a husband that is in most case an act of promiscuity. With these factors as their only base of knowledge on how to live, how can they be mentally healthy? God intends for the family unit to include a husband, wife, and children. When a young woman grows up without that, she will have it all confused. Even if she knows better, there is still a chance her mental won't allow her to act on what she knows, instead she will act on those unhealthy emotions streaming from her childhood. Look at it this way: you have a young woman with no father figure, and as a child she longs for that. She is likely to become a woman still longing for that and ultimately finding it in the wrong men. Then you have a young lady who lacks the father or an active mother. She will lack both components and mentally she will hardly have a desire to be a wife, but if the opportunity is ever presented, she will then suffer from lack of knowledge of knowing how to be a wife.

Is there light at the end of these tunnels? Of course, and His name is Jesus! See we have to stop these generational curses, and stop believing things will just go away! Curses don’t go away, they must be prayed away, and children must be prayed for. Just because your child excels academically does not mean they don't harbor pain on the inside. We have to pray for healing, and that requires a closer look at our mental health. Jesus is known as a "Wonderful Counselor" and a counselor is a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, and psychological problems. He is a problem solver, and when you need to hear from Him a little closer, pray for divine counsel swallow your pride, and seek help.

I pray that this message blessed someone and they will take a closer look at themselves in the mirror, identify where they need help, pray and ask for Godly counsel, and find it. Jesus died on the cross so we don't have to suffer in any capacity, so there is no reason for any of us to walk around feeling down, and seeking temporary pleasure to ignore it. Get help, and be blessed!

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