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Finding Your Peace

There are many people who are currently in a relationship with someone who they are not equally yoked with. Continuing to hold onto a relationship that is not meant to be! Praying for your significant other, remaining submissive, and allowing someone to run over you, hoping that they will come around to change, is not a healthy relationship! I'm here to tell you how to fix an unequally yoked relationship, LET IT GO! It is not your job to fix someone that doesn't know how to treat you as the Queen that you truly are! By allowing this person to mistreat you, it shows that you do not know how valuable and powerful you truly are. You are a QUEEN! You have to know your worth and you are very much worthy, beautiful, full of life, and full of God's spirit! God did not create you to be submissive to someone that doesn't know how to love you. You are not the problem, they are. You should never go out of your way to prove your love to a man that doesn't want to see it! You're holding onto someone who gives you less than what you deserve when you can have so much more.

There will be many times you may encounter a relationship with someone that's truly not ready for one. At that specific time they may be ready, but in their heart they aren't. It's okay to love someone who isn't ready to step up and be that person you thought they were ready to be. But you also have to learn to love them from a distance. By choosing to pursue a relationship with someone who isn't ready to bring their "A Game", you're only setting yourself up to get hurt. It isn't fair to give someone your all when your receiving half of what you're giving. Learn to accept the way they are by distancing yourself and loving them from afar. Love yourself FIRST.

STOP SETTLING! Open your eyes and see that you are beautiful and that you are a Queen! Learn to love yourself the way you want to be loved. Polish your crown, hold your head high, take a deep breath, and stand TALL. Let what you don't deserve go and set yourself free. Find YOUR PEACE!

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