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My Last Breath

People were cheering for us this time around

I think they just liked you for making me smile

And I admit this time I thought we stood a chance

It looked as though we had finally put our bad habits away

We placed it on a shelf, you told me there, it would stay

But unfortunately the shelf was too easy to reach

So soon we're already back to not practicing what we preach

The lies, deceit, drama, and the stress

I'm tired of the same ole, same ole, mess

Why is it so hard to be with someone you love

I keep giving of myself, but it's going down an empty well

Because getting all this crap back isn't worth the hell

So I've come to grips with the reality of us

We won't ever have anything until we have trust

You can think you won this fight

Because I can no longer deal with the many sleepless nights

But I'm going to walk away now because

It's not worth my last breath


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