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The STEP Model

The STEP model is a tool you can use to identify Strategic Triggers for Emotional Processing. Amid an emotional crisis, it might not be easy to calm oneself and safely regulate your emotions. It is also easy to lose sight of what's important in your life when triggered because it brings painful remembrance events. Now at your fingertips, you will have a quick reference sheet, the STEP model. 


The STEP model includes resources, prayers, scriptures, Dr. Gloria Willcox's feeling wheel, positive activities, and quotes to better assist in processing your present emotions. 

I developed this tool to take a moment to breathe, reach out for help, put language to your feelings, and remember who you are, but most importantly, whose you are. Take three deep breaths, and continue to journey on by taking it one day at a time! 


Get access to this free limited resource by clicking below!


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