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Are You Praying A Sincere Prayer?

I think we are all guilty during some point in our lives of only calling upon God in hectic/rough situations. It makes you wonder, is God really the head of your life? Or is He like an ambulance? Only called upon during emergencies. There is no reason for us to question if God is always there for us because He shows Himself daily.

God is the overseer of our lives. So why is it that we don’t treat Him as such? We have to know that God is leading the way even if we think we are doing it solely. We have to lean and depend on God even when things are going smoothly because He is the reason things are going smoothly. Things change so fast without God in our lives. We have to realize that without Him we would not be where we are. God can easily take things from us. This is why we have to continue to pray to Him daily.

We can’t be so consumed by other things that we forget about God. He is the most important factor in our lives. It is true that we are in control of our own destiny, but God is the key holder, the master, and the head.

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