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After You Have Done All You Can

Have you ever wondered why are my prayers not being answered? Does it seem that God is nowhere to be found? Are you repeating the same cycle of life and not able to move forward? If you answered yes to any of those questions, let me explain some reasons why. It may seem as if God has left you or is taking an eternity to come and see about you. You may even feel like David when he wrote “I have wept until I am exhausted; my throat is dry and hoarse; my eyes are swollen from weeping; waiting for my God to act.” Psalms 69:3 Sometimes in life God seems so far away, but yet He is so close to us. When tragedy happens, God is not always the first we turn to. A lot of times we turn to family or someone close to us, but His power is the divine intervention that we need. Don’t be discouraged because delay could just be that; a delay. God could delay answering your prayers in order to teach you to depend completely on Him! To make you stronger, and to develop a closer relationship with Him.

There is always a reason behind your pain; so keep on praising and thanking God for everything. Therefore, you have to continue to give God praises in the midst of chaos. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. Must have faith that God will see you through every pain, heartache, financial hardship, sickness and struggle. Is there anything too hard for God? NO! The hardest part of the process is being patient and waiting, believing that God is going to come through. Don’t mistake God being patient for denial. Trust that all things are working together and in the end you are going to win. Don’t give up; you are victorious! You shall overcome!

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